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Self storage

Extend your home

Storage box

The easy alternative


Spacious storage rooms


Peace of mind

Self storage or storage box?Compare the two and decide which one is best suited to your needs

 Self StorageStorage Box

24/7 access



Pickup & delivery at your address



Most time saving



Available in different sizes



Moving services



Alarm system



Protected from outside views



Heated space with stable temperature



24/7 access:

Pickup & delivery at your address:

Most time saving:

Available in different sizes:

Moving services:

Alarm system:

Protected from outside views:

Heated space with stable temperature:



Satisfied customersYou're certainly no. 1 to us!


“Service is quick and the storage rooms are nice and clean. I will definitely use YellowBox again!” J. Andersen


“I got access to my storage room just minutes after making the reservation.” G. Jacobsen

YellowBox locations

YellowBox Forus
Luramyrveien 53
4313 Sandnes

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YellowBox Hillevåg
Hillevågsveien 14
4016 Stavanger

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YellowBox Gausel
Boganesveien 114
4067 Stavanger

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